Transforming your company

Our customers get in contact with us because they want to transform their organisation for the better. Ngenious helps organisations to change from A to B or from a non desired situation to a desired situation. The starting point for any transformation is a session in which we explore your and the company’s ambition, often based on an organisational maturity scan we carried out before.  We continue by exploring our focus areas for transition, by prioritising and making the A and B explicit.

The focus areas together form an integral system for transition. For each of the individual focus areas we have specific and unique approach, mostly based on the Lean / OpEx way of thinking about organisational performance. Though, while transforming a company we mostly touch more than one area and it is our goal to ensure the approach is integral and consistent. 

Unique to our way of working is our vision on execution. We build an internal team and provide the team members with knowledge and tools for transition. We offer a large range of (Lean) training programmes and inspiring workshops on performance improvement. The team is capable of delivering the change and the pride on their results creates a vibe for further change. This way the transition is embedded in your company’s DNA, with limited external consulting hours.

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Our promise to customers

  • Our approach is always custom made in order to realize your specific strategy    
  • We really connect with our clients and are focused on creating partnership in performance improvement
  • We strive to get the biggest impact within limited consulting time
  • We share our knowledge and assure your staff is able to continue improvement on their own
  • We always discuss motivation and personal drivers for change
  • We are a Lean organization our self and due to limited overhead our rates are very competitive

Now also in English, our inhouse Lean Yellow, Green or Black Belt training programmes

We offer Lean Yellow, Green and Black belt programmes in English in the Netherlands. The programmes prepare you for the only official certification by the International Independent Board for Lean Certification. We offer our programmes at very competitive rates and deliver them inhouse, at your company. Contact us for more information, prices and details on the programmes.

Also available in English. Lean Green en Black Belt self study packages starting of 495,- only!

For everyone with basic Lean knowledge, we offer Lean Green Belt and Black Belt self study packages. The package contains the training materials and access to our online database with questions for the exam. Our self study packages are aimed at success-fully participating at the exam of the Independent International Board for Lean Certification and contain all the topics mentioned in the IIBLC® Books of Knowledge. Leave your details here and we will contact you right away.


“We’ve had a truly amazing learning experience: well structured, clear content, great support from our trainers and what impressed me above all: their ability to understand our culture and environment and to quickly adapt to this so that we did not only get to learn and prepare for the green belt exam, but also had a lot of “a-ha” moments and we were able to work on real, practical, meaningful initiatives for our organization.”

Livia Belascu
Customer Service Manager -